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Dry Red Wine (Saperavi)

A naturally made wine exhibiting a deep, dark red color with notes of blackberry and overripe carnelian cherries.  A bold flavor strikes the palate leaving a silky aftertaste. The perfect compliment for steaks or lamb.

Also available in Travel Size (375ml)



Dry Red Wine (Mukuzani)

Black, red color with a rich aroma.  The strong flavors of over-ripened fruits give a succulent strike to the palate leaving a dry finish longing for the next taste.  The natural wine making process enables earthy saviors making the perfect pairing for beef and lamb.


Dry White Wine (Rkatsiteli)

A natural wine with a light straw color. Possesses peach, apricot, and floral notes. Bright and crisp delivering golden fruits and a pleasant aftertaste.  Pairs well with bird, fish and cheese.

Also available in Travel Size (375ml)



Red Blend Wine (Khvanchkara)

Micro-zone blend of Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varities. This unique and rare gold label wine brings the flavors and aromas of Georgia to life with every taste. A rich bouquet of berries and strawberries followed by a mellow blend of dried fruits.


Dry Amber Wine (Kisi Qvevri)

A natural wine made with the 8000-year-old ancient art of winemaking tradition using in-ground qvevri clay pots. Heavenly amber hue with a floral and peach aroma. Well balanced flavor of spices, apple skin and tea. Slightly tannic with sufficient acidity. Uniquely can be paired with bird, fish or meats.



Dry White Wine (Mtsvane)

A natural wine that shines pale gold with greenish highlights. An inviting floral aroma with hints of grapefruit and lemon. Full and weighty to the taste with notes of tropical fruits and green apples. A crisp and zesty finish lingers on the palate. Pairs superbly with seafood dishes.



Medium Sweet Red Wine (Ojaleshi)

This naturally made wine presents the dark hue of red with heavy fruit aromas.  A true medium red wine possessing a slight sweet first impression with a mild dry finish. Lingering fruits and spices entertain the palate. Pair with smoked cheeses, meats and chocolates.




Dry Red Wine (Greyseuli Qvevri)

Made from Saperavi, Tavkveri and Shavkapito grapes in the 8000 year old ancient qvevri claypot method. This rare and special gold label wine is a bold red blend of pomegranate, cherries and berries. The unforgettable impressions and outstanding aroma transports you to the region of Kartli with ever sip.


Dry White Wine (Tsinandali)

Micro-zone blend of Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane / Golden in color with round and supple floral notes. Apple and apricot linger into a harmonious finish.


Dry Amber Wine (Rkatsiteli Qvevri)

A natural wine made with the 8000-year-old ancient art of winemaking tradition using in-ground qvevri clay pots. Beams of royal amber hues and golden floral aromas. Hints of lemon and pear dance on the palate with acidic joy leaving a long finish.  Uniquely suitable for bird, fish, or meat pairing.



Semi-Sweet Green Wine (Kisi)

The first of its kind in America. This naturally made green wine from Georgia has no additives or dyes. Made using skinless Kisi white grapes with added Saperavi red grape skins during the fermentation process. Shines like raw emeralds with a refreshing sweet and zesty wine taste.


Semi-Sweet Red Wine (Kindzmarauli)

A naturally made wine gifting a rich purple, red color possessing a unique aroma with a myriad of black fruits and spices. Sweet blackberry and black cherry preserves are an exciting triumph to the initial palate. A sweet and fruity aftertaste that pairs well with red meat cuisines or dark chocolate treats.

Also available in Travel Size (375ml)



Semi-Sweet White Wine (Tvishi)

A natural wine displaying light golden color with greenish reflections. Fruity aromas complemented with sweet floral notes. Beautifully fresh and zesty, with hints of quince and pear. The crisp and clean finish will pair perfectly with brunch, lunch or dinner.

Also available in Travel Size (375ml)



Dry Amber Wine (Rkatsiteli Qvevri)

Bright, lively sunny color. Full-bodied flavor of dried fruit combined for a delicious and bold aftertaste. Accompanies best with chicken and seafood dishes.



Semi-Sweet Rose Wine (Saperavi)

Beautifully dark pink in color with an exciting aroma. The natural wine making process allows the palate to enjoy both a light sweetness with a refreshing acidic finish. The perfect anytime of day wine.