Georgia - “The Cradle of Wine”

The country of Georgia, or the native name of Sakartvelo [Sa – kart – ve – lo], is considered to be the birthplace of wine.  Its history is traced back to more than 8000 years when the people of the South Caucasus discovered if wild grape juice was buried underground in clay pots over winter, it turned into wine.  That is why, apart from being a country of ancient civilization and culture, Georgia is considered the motherland of wine.

         The relationship between the man and the vine, and the winemaking process has a great history in Georgia.  One of the most significant traditions in Georgia is its hospitality, which cannot be imagined without wine.  The vine continuously maintained sacral meaning to Georgians, it was the symbol of life and of fertility, and to this day is a very important symbol to its people.  With over 8000 years of winemaking culture Georgia possesses the oldest wine vessels and grape seeds.  This is exactly why Georgia is called the cradle of wine!

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