Our Story

Vino Ghvino 21 was founded from a unique beginning by two families from opposite ends of the world. Our story begins with a pair of strangers. Warriors from different countries brought together by war. The men spoke different languages, and came from different cultures. Both questioned their abilities to communicate, how would they be able to work together, and fight side by side.

Two people believing they were so different, quickly realized how similar they truly are. Upon their first meeting, both exchanged a gift to each other, a bottle of wine! Two warriors believing the other so different, yet both possess the same loves; love for their countries, love for their families, and love for good wine. It’s the unspoken words over a bottle of wine between warriors, friends, and families which truly unite us all. These brothers in arms vowed to bring their shared love of wine and their new language of unity to the rest of the world.

Today the wives of these warriors proudly share their story. Building cultural bridges, and dedicated to bringing the ancient history of wine making to the hearts and homes of families across the Globe. Grown, produced, and bottled in the country of Georgia, and sold in the United States, we hope Vino Ghvino 21 will provide you with the same happiness it brought our families.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

The word Vino translates to the word “wine” in Spanish and the word Ghvino translates to the word “wine” in Kartuli (the native language of Georgia). The Number 21 is for 2021 the year of the company’s official commencement. The Spanish and Kartuli again bring the story of two warriors together through their ancestry.

The shield is in the shape of a wine glass with the colors from the Flag of Georgia. There is one red cross in the center of the shield represented on the Flag of Georgia. The other four crosses are represented in the golden crown in the bottom left section. It is a Queen’s crown because Georgia is recognized as the Motherland of wine with 8000 years of wine-making history. Additionally, Vino Ghvino 21 is a woman-owned and operated company making history as one of the first women to import wine from the Country of Georgia to the United States.

There are 21 golden grapes recognizing the year of foundation, and two golden grapes leaves joined by a stem connecting the grapes. This reminds us of the two worlds our families came from joined together through wine. The VG and the 21 in the other sections stand for our name, Vino Ghvino 21.

Where Can I Find These Wines?

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